Dr. Robyn Jones

Medical Safety Officer

Janseen Research and Development, LLC

Robyn R Jones, MD, a board certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist, received degrees from Brown University, Temple University School of Medicine and specialty training at the Medical College of Pennsylvania. Her integrative medicine experience includes the University of Arizona Program in Integrative Medicine and the Duke University Integrative Health Coach Professional Training Program.  Having retired from a general obstetrics and gynecology practice in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she is currently a Global Medical Safety Physician at a global pharmaceutical company. She is the principal at Dr. Robyn – The Wellness Partner and is a member of the Temple University Medical School Alumni Board as well as numerous civic and professional organizations.  Dr. Jones is a sought after workshop facilitator and keynoter on topics of women’s health, integrative medicine, and wellness. Her passion is partnering with clients in their quest for wellness by integrating conventional and complementary medicine with accountability that leads to a transformational lifestyle change.