Mentor- Metro Detroit

Mary Bourke

Ford Motor Company

Mary Comben Bourke is currently the Powertrain Program Manager for the Ford Motor Company.

Mary started her career with General Motors Powertrain developing the 4.9L and Northstar engines and powertrain systems for Cadillac vehicles.  After obtaining her Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering, she moved to the Ford Motor Company.   Mary held various positions that focused on Emissions Reduction and Performance Improvement for future products.  She led a U.S. Department of Energy Low Emission Partnership team of engineers and certification specialists from Chrysler, GM and Ford.  The mission of that team was to share resources for non-competitive technology relating to emission systems on vehicles.  Mary also spent time as a Specialist on Powertrain Future Product Planning.  In her last position at Ford, she managed a group that tested various cutting edge engine technology to evaluate future product usefulness and application.

Mary is a certified fitness instructor and has spent time tutoring students in math and the sciences.  She has three boys that she is very involved with and is thrilled to be a part of the Women of Tomorrow Program.