Iris Kauffman

Coordinator, Program Development

Broward Educational Communications Network (BECON)

Iris Kauffman is a veteran teacher, Broward County, Florida district administrator, and Emmy-award winning educational television coordinator. She has vast experience in the creation of educational programming, currently supervising a department of teachers and executive producers. She has produced nine educational television series of her own. In addition, she has supervised the production of many more during a twenty-five year history with BECON, the Broward Educational Communications Network of the School Board of Broward County, Florida. She also serves as the liaison at BECON assisting people who desire to produce programming utilizing BECON facilities and personnel.

Mrs. Kauffman possesses a Masters degree in Reading from Northeastern University as well as a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education from Hofstra University. At present, she is three courses away from the completion of her Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

Under her leadership, BECON has produced several Emmy award winning programs. BECON’s programming has also achieved a variety of prestigious awards from the television industry such as the Emmy, Telly, Aurora, Communicator awards—all nationally recognized. Mrs. Kauffman’s Production Development Department includes Broward T een News. This is a nationally recognized program that utilized two certified high school teachers who work with students from most Broward County, Florida high schools and several middle schools. These students create, write, edit, and shoot a television series called, Broward T een News. Many of the segments have won national broadcasting awards. BTN includes an intern component which allows students to work at BECON to create and work on their stories while developing critical television production skills. Many of these students have gone on to become nationally recognized television broadcasters.

Mrs. Kauffman has also worked to develop the highly recognized TeenTalk program. This series allows teens to weigh in on a variety of topics from cancer to dating to feeding the homeless to depression.   This hourly series has featured teens for the past seven years.

At the start of her career at BECON, Mrs. Kauffman worked on camera as a character who taught reading and language arts to elementary students. She created these series to give students the opportunity to learn basic reading and language skills through the medium of television.   Television is still utilized as a learning tool to this day.

Earlier in her career, Mrs. Kauffman worked with disadvantaged youngsters in the federal Title I program. Here, she utilized her expertise in the teaching of reading and mathematics to work with the neediest of students.

Mrs. Kauffman is a professional who takes pride in the relationships she has cultivated with students throughout her career both in the classroom and on the television screen. She is a leader who strongly values her ability to motivate others to achieve great success.