Mentor- Metro Detroit

Gail Wiener

Gail develops innovative solutions.  What does that mean?  It means she listens to clients, hearing not only what they are saying but the unspoken need underneath, and comes up with advertising solutions to make them successful.  She is currently a multimedia account exec with the Detroit Media Partnership, which means she consults with clients on both online and offline solutions.

News media continues to evolve, and one of Gail’s strengths is finding the opportunities in an ever-changing environment.  She believes that fiercely advocating for her clients is the best way to grow your business, and she applies this determination to both her professional life and her commitment to the community.   Gail has a passion for philanthropy and is a loyal supporter of charities.

A native Michigander, Gail is passionate about people.  In addition to her commitment to clients and community, Gail is devoted to her family and her friends.