Esther Ossei-Anto, MBA

Corporate Partnerships

Boomer Marketing and Events


Esther Ossei­Anto, MBA is a marketing and events guru making waves across numerous industries nationwide. Esther was born a natural leader graduating from Canisius College as President of the Afro­Amercian Society, President of Alpha Kappa Psi, the professional business organization and an active member of a number of clubs and activities. In 2013, this same college highlighted Esther on theiralumni spotlight in their newsletter.

In 2006, Esther became the youngest manager at GLM, a dmg world media company. In this capacity, Esther was responsible for managing the marketing and sales for lifestyle brands located in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland. Because of her success, Esther was featured in Gift & Home Dec magazine. In this capacity, Esther traveled and visited many designers, exhibitors and entrepreneurs helping them  launch their brands into national spotlight at various shows located in all of these cities. As if this wasn’t enough, Esther who’s originally from Ghana, West Africa wanted to make an impact in a humanitarian capacity.

Esther launched es n yaa, a brand that celebrated African fabrics and designs. Es n yaa accessories were sewn in Ghana, West Africa and sustained the living of over 20 impoverished Ghanaian women and men who used the income from this brand to sustain their families. This brand, es n yaa has been sold by over 50 different retailer nationwide including Antropologie, Beyond the Rack and so much more. Es n yaa was also accepted by USAID as a company that sustains the living of impoverished Ghanaian citizens.

In 2013, Esther was inducted into the Advisory Board of the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) of Broward, the youngest inductee in numerous years. The organization became interested in Esther     after she spearheaded the marketing growth community awareness of Physicians United Plan, a young  health plan in South Florida. Through Esther’s direction of grassroots marketing tactics and strategies for success, the plan doubled in membership in South Florida reporting a growth of over 200%.

More recently, Esther manages the Corporate Partnerships for Boomer Marketing and Events, a South  Florida based marketing and events organization that acts as the creative department perfect for organizations that are looking to focus on sales and growth. The tag line of Boomer Marketing and Events says it all, your marketing department and has clients that stretch from South Florida to the West Coast of the USA.

Esther is a dynamic professional who believes in hard work, achieving results and making a humanitariandifference. Esther’s motto is that in life, you just have to do your part and she is on her way to leave a   memorable mark that will not be easily forgotten.