Dr. Phyllis Schiffer-Simon


Broward Education Communications Network (BECON)


Dr. Schiffer-Simon has a vast educational background. She combines three decades of experience in a variety of educational arenas including elementary education, exceptional education, staff development, distance learning and educational broadcasting.


Dr. Schiffer-Simon holds a Doctorate degree from Florida Atlantic University in Educational Leadership, an Educational Specialist degree in Computer Education from Barry University, a Master’s of Science degree in Exceptional Education from Adelphi University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Boston University.  She is currently an adjunct professor for Nova Southeastern University’s graduate teacher program in the Educational Leadership GTEP program where she works closely with teachers earning advanced degrees.


Dr. Phyllis Schiffer-Simon has close to 30 years of experience working with Broward County Schools. Since July 1997, Dr. Schiffer-Simon has been the Director of the Broward Education Communications Network (BECON), the television station licensed to the School Board of Broward County, FL. In this capacity, she has created a vision for educational and instructional television, radio broadcasting, and distance learning that converges a multitude of technologies to enhance communications for the school system, community, and beyond.


One of Dr. Schiffer-Simon’s notable accomplishments was her persistence in spearheading the purchase of a regular broadcast channel providing Broward County with its own, exclusive educational and community access channel.  This enables all of the students and residents of Broward County to have equaled access to the most quality instructional, educational, and community-based programming available.  Recently, BECON’s reach has even been expanded to Miami Dade and Palm Beach Counties.


BECON has accomplished numerous achievements under Dr. Schiffer-Simon’s direction. With the winning of several Emmy Awards in the past three years, BECON’s original programming is being recognized in the field for its unique educational and animated format. It is what Dr. Schiffer-Simon refers to as “edutainment” – a perfect mix of education and fun. Through Dr. Schiffer-Simon’s efforts, BECON has developed into a powerful entity for high quality originally produced programming.


Dr. Schiffer-Simon started the Distance Learning program in the school district twelve years ago with four video conferencing systems to enable equity in course offerings and provide a low cost alterative to staff development. Since then, the Distance Learning program has experienced tremendous growth, with currently over 400 video conferencing units in schools and district sites. BECON’s distance learning programs have received local, state and international recognition. Over 5,000 students receive instruction each week without having to leave their campus. Electronic field trips and worldwide conferences with students residing in many other countries have become the norm. Additionally, the Broward Virtual Middle and High School was created, offering an online solution for students to take courses online.


Dr. Schiffer-Simon has also spearheaded the OneBroward Initiative to bring a shared, broadband network to Broward County. Her visions is to provide enhanced safety and security and digital inclusion. She has been instrumental in establishing a partnership with other nine other key organizations to make this a reality. She is the President of the OneBroward Executive Board as well as the National Educational Broadband Services Association (NEBSA).


Dr. Schiffer-Simon demonstrates creativity, leadership, and enthusiasm for making a difference in the world of teaching, learning and communications.