Mentor- Metro Detroit

Bobbi Lovins

Bobbi Lovins Strategic Management

A seasoned executive fusing marketing with strategic thought, Bobbi has experience in account management, new business development, strategic planning and point-of-purchase marketing in the automotive, financial and health care industries. Earning her master’s degree in management, Bobbi will graduate with honors as she pursues her passion of business development.
As a consultant, Bobbi is a highly effective communicator with exemplary writing, speaking and presentation skills, who forges honest and loyal relationships with clients and colleagues through outstanding leadership, motivational, problem-solving and decision making skills, all with an eye to the bottom line. Bobbi has worked with such firms as Chrysler, General Motors, Ford, Wyatt Actuarial, Total Health Care, Wells Fargo Advisors and Wallace Financial.
A lifelong learner, Bobbi is a Ted Talks Detroit attendee and strong supporter of various community events. In her spare time, Bobbi is passionate about encouraging others to reach their full potential and is a volunteer mentor with Women of Tomorrow and strong supporter of Haven of Oakland County. A strong motivational speaker, Bobbi is happy to speak with groups both large and small.
With a personal story of triumph, Bobbi is most proud of having successfully raised two grown children, both perusing advanced degrees in the medical field. Bobbi resides in Birmingham Michigan not far from where she grew up. An avid gardener and reader, Bobbi is a foodie and loves both cooking and entertaining