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Women of Tomorrow Mentees are part of a small group of young women at their high schools who meet once per month with at least one Women of Tomorrow mentor throughout their high school careers. Mentees participate in monthly mentoring sessions, career-focused field trips, specialized college campus visits and in 12th grade may apply for Women of Tomorrow scholarship opportunities to pursue higher education.

Mentees begin the program in 9th or 10th grade and stay in the program throughout their high school careers. In any given Women of Tomorrow Mentoring Group, there are Mentees in all four grade levels — 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades. Mentees are diverse young women with differing strengths and weaknesses so they may learn from and help each other in addition to benefitting from the mentoring they receive.


Mentees are selected for participation in the Women of Tomorrow Program by their school based Women of Tomorrow School Coordinators. All mentees must complete annual mentee applications or mentee update forms, corresponding releases and the mentee pledge. While participation in the program is voluntary, once enrolled, all Mentees are required to attend all Mentoring Sessions and must have no unexcused absences to be eligible for Women of Tomorrow scholarship opportunities.


Upon completion of Women of Tomorrow, Mentees have been provided skills for success; exposed to various educational opportunities and career paths; and encouraged to participate actively in their communities.

Women of Tomorrow Graduates who have completed their higher educational endeavors are encouraged to come back to Women of Tomorrow as junior Mentors.